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What is a Good Backup Plugin for WordPress

There are many reasons why it’s vitally important to have a backup of your entire WordPress website, especially if this is your Business Website.

Here are 4 of the top reasons why a backup would come in handy.

Hacking & Malware

This is probably the biggest threat today for WordPress users. What happens when your site gets hacked? Unless you have a backup stored from before the hack, you’ll need to hire a company to clean up your site. If you have a backup in place, you simply wipe the site and restore it from a previous version, if that backup has all the necessary files included. (All backup plugins are not created equal, meaning some only back up part of your files. The backup plugin I talk about later backs up everything.) Next step is to updated everything inside your WP back-end and make sure you have a good security plugin installed. I recommend this plugin. Even after you reinstall the previous version, you’ll want to make sure you scan everything in your hosting account.

Server Crashes

This doesn’t happen often if you have good hosting, it does happen though. If the host you have your account with has a server crash and you do not have a backup that is stored outside your hosting account, there’s a possibility you may have lost everything, unless your host has a way to reinstall everything, but I wouldn’t count on it!

Human Error – Accidental Deletion

I have seen this. Once I had a frantic client call me and say “My site is down! I did something in the back-end and now it’s all messed up!” Luckily, I had a backup. With new website builds, Backup Buddy is one of the first plugins I install.

Conflicts with Plugins of Themes

Although most reputable Themes and Plugins are kept up to date, so they work with WordPress, there are sometimes conflicts between plugins and themes which can take your site offline. See the video at the bottom for an example. If you know that is was a plugin that did it, you can normally delete that plugin through your cPanel and your site will come back up. What if you were updating a bunch and didn’t know what caused the site to break? That’s when you would reinstall a previous backup.

Now that I’ve given you some examples, is it making more sense why you want this awesome Backup Plugin?

It not only backs up you core WordPress installation and the database, you can set it to backup all tables and files. So no need to be concerned with your media library, post, pages, plugins, comments, widgets, users, themes, and settings. You can also schedule it to automatically backup full backups and database backups, as many or few times per day, week, or month as you’d like and set it to send to an offsite destination, such as Amazon S3, Stash, or Dropbox and you’re all set. You can even have it email you once the backup has started or is complete. Changing hosts? With Backup Buddy, things are super easy! Simply Migrate the site over to the new host.

Watch these 2 short videos for more information.





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