Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business account for a local or home based business can help your customers find you.

There’s certain criteria you have to meet to have a GMB. You can read the detailed guidelines here.

Eligible businesses must make in person contact with customers during working hours at the business or at the customers location.

Non Eligible businesses are operated primarily by phone, email or web.  Businesses must have an address no PO Boxes or UPS mail boxes can be used.  You can read more about ineligible businesses here.

Download this guide to help you start the process of claiming your google My Business.

If there is a listing for an old business at the address your business is now in, do not claim that. Instead, suggest to have the old business marked as closed and then create a new GMB listing. I had this happen to a client of mine and we requested the old business listing be removed and provided a picture where the business no longer existed.

Once you have created the listing you may add hours, description and other information. Make sure you have read and follow their guidelines! Google wants to ensure you are a real business and they will suspend a listing if they suspect you have broken some of the guidelines. Visit the link above if you have ANY questions!

There are tons of helpful links that explain most scenarios you may encounter.

If you would like your GMB set up properly and professionally from the start, you can contact us to assist with that.




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